Thursday, May 9, 2013

My new thing!

I had some wonderful comments from the Fantabulous Cricut Challenge Bloggers ( about the flowers on my shadow box project.  

Thank you all!  I appreciate them so much.  

One of the lovely comments came from Connie from so I hopped on over to her blog and checked it out.  SOOOOO COOL!.  Her blog layout is bright and clean and her projects are inspiring.  If you haven't left my blog already to peruse Connie's blog, then do so (after you look at mine).  You can spend hours on her blog just oooing and ahhhing and I have!


So now my new thing is to keep that mojo going and post a project at least once a month.  I know, it doesn't seem like much but with my busy schedule, it will be a challenge.  Which is another new thing I am incorporating into my monthly schedule. I am going to do at least one challenge every month also.  It might be the monthly project post or I might post two projects!  WOW, that is a big challenge for me.  Usually I do the project as I need it.  I am trying to  boost my production and get some projects done at the same time.  I have piles of pictures from when my kids were little and they are now in their 30's!

I have a ton of materials and some stuff I haven't even opened so now is the time!

May is the beginning of a new Spring and my new challenges!
Hope you stay with me to see how I progress and if you need a little mojo boost, then join me!


  1. Greta spotlight over at FCCB today!! Your projects are all wonderful, I especially like the shadow boxes, what a wonderful gift idea & decor!!